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10 Footballers Who Went Broke After Retirement

Football players are often associated with fame and wealth, but as these examples show, financial troubles can befall even the most successful athletes. From failed investments to lavish spending, here are ten footballers who went from riches to rags:

1. David James

As reported by Daily Mail, The English goalkeeper David James made a fortune during his time spent with a variety of Premier League clubs. However, he filed for bankruptcy in 2014 after his divorce led to a significant loss of money and property.

2. Emmanuel Eboue

According to The Mirror, Former Arsenal fullback Emmanuel Eboue declared bankruptcy after a divorce from his Belgian wife, Aurélie, and a handful of disastrous business transactions.

3. Wilson Oruma

Daily Post Reported that The Former midfielder for the Super Eagles, Wilson Oruma, was reportedly deceived by a preacher and a gang of con artists posing as oil businessmen, resulting in the loss of his riches. According to reports, Oruma was thought to be mentally ill six years after the incident.

4. Eric Djemba-Djemba

According to The Sun, Cameroonian footballer Eric Djemba-Djemba suited up for Manchester United, but his success was fleeting, and he soon declared bankruptcy. Like many African footballers, Djemba-Djemba wasted a lot of money on unnecessary luxuries, and towards the end of his career, he was broke since he had no say over the money.

5. Paul Gascoigne

The Sun Reported that, Despite his success with England, Paul Gascoigne reportedly went through a tough time in which he owed £200,000 in debt. He avoided bankruptcy in 2016 despite owing HMRC £42,000 in back taxes.

6. Célestine Babayaro

According to The Sun, Nigerian footballer Célestine Babayaro went bankrupt within three years of retiring due to wasteful expenditure and poor budgeting, despite receiving a generous weekly salary of £35,000 during his time at Chelsea. (Source: The Sun)

7. Keith Gillespie

Former Northern Ireland and Newcastle United player Keith Gillespie lost around £7.2 million due to his gambling habit. As Reported by The Guardian, He was declared bankrupt in 2010 and attributed his financial troubles to his addiction to gambling, property investment, and a film scheme.

8. Paul Merson

As Reported by the Sun, Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson lost his entire £7 million fortune on gambling, alcohol, and drugs. He withdrew £800,000 from his pension to fuel his gambling habit and fell insolvent as a result.

9. Brad Friedel

The Sun reported that Former Tottenham and Aston Villa goalkeeper Brad Friedel’s attempt to build a football academy in the United States failed, leading to significant debt. His home in the United Kingdom, valued at £260,000, was repossessed due to his outstanding debt of £5 million.

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