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11 Of The Best Aggressive Players In Football History

The UEFA nations league has been thrilling this week and there are many teams who were very aggressive to earn all three points. Most clubs or nations loves physical and aggressive defenders, which explains why teams like Brazil, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Spain and Chelsea has thrived in the Past. The image below depicts players who are aggressive on the football pitch.

However, Luis Suarez is a special addition to the list as he has been banned on more than one occasion for failing to control his anger and biting his opponent.


11 Of The Best Aggressive Players In Football History.

Goalkeeper: Kahn.

Defenders: Stam, Pepe, Sergio Ramos and Godin.

Midfielders: Vidal, Keane, Gattuso and Diego Costa.

Forwards: Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Most of these players find it difficult to control their anger on the pitch and this has always earned them a red card. They are very aggressive and play physical type of football. Most of them don’t easily let go when you foul them first, they would tend to retaliate.

Despite the aggressive nature of these players, they had a very successful career. Strikers like Ibrahimovic is currently playing for AC Milan despite being over 40 years old. The Striker has scored over 500 career goals in his football history and has won many titles in most of the clubs he has played for.

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