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12 Footballers Who Grew Up Supporting Rival Clubs Ft. Modric, Neymar, Kane, De Bruyne

You know that thing we always see when a player  signs for a club and declares that they have   been childhood supporters of that club, yeah? We  all know that, half the time, it’s a lie, right? Many of these footballers actually grew  up supporting different clubs from the   clubs they now play for. And in some cases,  not only did they support different clubs,   they supported their own clubs’ rival clubs. In this video, we will be looking at 12  footballers who grew up supporting rival clubs.   And we start with Man United’s latest young star…

1. Jadon Sancho

Sancho’s case was, in fact, a double barrel.  He was born and raised in London, so it’s not   so surprising that he was a Chelsea fan growing  up. In fact, Frank Lampard was one of his idols. Anyway, when he was 15 years old,  he joined Manchester City’s academy   Where he stayed for 2 years before  he joined Borussia Dortmund. So essentially, he was a  Chelsea and City guy growing up,   only for him to turn around and  join Manchester United at 21. For every time he has talked and will  talk highly about the Red Devils,   there will always be that one tweet  where he declared that Football is Blue.

2. Gareth Bale

We can call Bale a Spurs legend, can’t we? But maybe the Spurs fans will be  a little hesitant to call him that   when we remind them that the Welshman  was an Arsenal supporter growing up. His number one footballing hero growing  up was Manchester United legend,   Ryan Giggs. But that’s understandable  considering they’re both compatriots. However, he also confessed to really idolizing  Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira. We can bet   That the Spurs fans didn’t enjoy hearing this.  And it actually gets worse for them, sadly.

3. Harry Kane

So, while Harry Kane insists that he is a Spurs  man through and through, a picture surfaced on   the internet some years ago with him in an  Arsenal jersey when he was just 8 years old. Of course, Spurs fans were hurt. But Harry Kane  explained that he was never actually a Gunner. He   was a young boy who just wanted to play football.  He was at the Arsenal academy for one year,   and he just had to do what he had to do  to kickstart his professional career. He even said that he thought about wearing  a Tottenham Hotspur jersey for that photo,   but he knew for sure that that would  not have gone down well at all. Well, Tottenham fans may find it a  little easier to forgive Kane for that   especially since he eventually stayed at the  club after heavy interest from City last summer.   But you know, the internet never forgets.

4. Raheem Sterling

Sterling has already played for the two parties  involved in the biggest rivalry in England   right now, but somehow, he managed to support a  completely different rival, Manchester United. Talking about his favorite  football club growing up, he said: “I shouldn’t really say this – not now, definitely  not now – but when I was young, I was a massive   United fan. I had an old United kit from when they  won the last FA Cup. I was at the final in 2007.” Man, Raheem was not only a fan. He was a really  dedicated Manchester United fan! Only for him to   go on to enjoy this much success with the noisy  neighbors he must have really hated growing up.

5. Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin’s story is similar to Sterling’s. He  has played for Chelsea and now plays for   City. But as a child, he used to support those 2  clubs’ biggest Premier League rival; Liverpool. His idol was, strangely, Michael Owen;   He always had a Liverpool Michael Owen jersey  hanging in his room. He also would very often   wear a Liverpool tracksuit and even  make his bed with Liverpool sheets. KDB truly never walked alone in his younger days.

6. Paul Pogba

Pogba has now had two stints with Manchester United, first joining the club when he was just   16 years old. So, you may be a little surprised  when you hear that his childhood club was Arsenal,   United’s biggest rival in the 90s and early 2000s. But his case is a little understandable,  though. Back then, there were a lot of   French players in the Arsenal squad that  Pogba looked up to. Here’s what he said: “I will be honest. So, at the start,   I was an Arsenal fan – obviously because  of all the French players, you know.” There was Wiltord, Clichy, Pires, Vieria, and of  course, Henry. Not to forget the boss was French,   Too. Arsenal was really the France national  team annex back then. How can you blame Pogba? And guess what! Even Pogba’s  former coach was guilty of once   supporting the rivals of the club  he went on to play for for years.

7. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Ole may not admit it now after playing  for Manchester United for 11 years   and managing them for 3, but he was a  Liverpool fan when he was much younger. But United were the ones who came  knocking when he was at Molde in Norway,   and he didn’t waste time to switch allegiances.

8. Luke Shaw

Shaw grew up a Chelsea supporter, and in fact,   he used to idolize former Chelsea  and Arsenal full back, Ashley Cole. He wasn’t just a supporter, though,  he went through the London club’s   Development center at Guildford, but  he didn’t make it to the academy. Shaw, however, said that he would love  to play for Chelsea at some point. Well, the lad is still relatively young, so that  move could still happen. Do you think it will? Now, what is the biggest rivalry  in the history of football   and why is it El Clasico? The remaining  guys on this list are guys from either   side of that age old rivalry. Some of them  will shock you. Let’s get straight to it.

9. Vinicius Jr.

Vini Jr. was signed by Real Madrid in  2018, but just the year before that,   he was shedding tears after  watching a Barcelona match. Vinicius, who was reportedly very close to a  Barcelona move at the time, was shedding tears   of joy after La Remontada in 2017. After Sergi  Roberto put the 6th goal past Kevin Trapp to   complete the comeback against PSG, Vini, who was  back in Brazil, could not hold back the tears. His dream was to play for Barcelona. And   according to Barca’s former technical  secretary, the move was all but done.   But Vini’s agents betrayed Barcelona and  secured a move to Madrid for a higher pay.

10. Luka Modric

Remember the video we did where we put 12 football   players who look like each other? Do you  remember who we said Modric looks like? Johan Cruyff. Yes! So, apparently, Cruyff is not only his lookalike,  he was Modric’s idol growing up. The Croatian   really looked up to the Dutchman and absolutely  adored the club he used to play for – Barcelona. Rumors are that the Catalan giants were close to  signing Modric in 2008, and the midfielder even   posed with a Cruyff Barcelona jersey. But the move  fell through and he went to Spurs instead. Then it   was Madrid who took the initiative to snatch him  up in 2012, and the rest, as they say, is history. If the jersey somehow didn’t convince  you that Modric was indeed a Barca fan,   maybe the words of his friend and former  international teammate, Ivan Rakitic will: “Many times I joke with him, telling him not to  get mad, because he is even more culé than me.   When we were young we all had a favorite   team, and it’s no secret that Luka  loved the claret and blue colors.”

11. Neymar Jr.

Neymar was a Real Madrid fan growing up,  and much of that was thanks to Robinho.   He really adored the ex-Brazil international, and  said that his dream was playing for Real Madrid. That dream may have now been put to bed because  Neymar himself is probably not interested in   making more enemies of Barcelona fans after  what his shocking exit did to culés in 2017. But if you think that one of the legendary  MSN trio once being a Madridista is shocking,   wait until you see the next one.

12. Andres Iniesta

Yes! Believe it or not, Andres Iniesta,  who spent 22 years at Barcelona and was   a product of the famous La Masia academy, had  a period where he absolutely hated Barcelona. He was just about 12 years old playing  for Albacete when Barcelona came and   gave his club a 7-nil trouncing. He was so angered   by the scoreline that he began to hate  Barcelona for real from that moment. So, what better way to show his  fresh hatred for the club than   to switch allegiances to their  greatest rivals, Real Madrid? Iniesta talked about what happened  in an interview many years later: “I was unhappy that Barcelona  had done that to my Albacete…   so I had a difficult time which  included a change of team.” He, however, gave the Barcelona  faithful a little comfort   When he said that a move to  Real was never going to happen:  “There has never been any contact, though,  I was never close to signing for Madrid.”  Well, there you have it. 12 footballers who grew  up supporting the rivals of a club they went   on to play for. Which one of these revelations  shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments.

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