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2023 LIST: Highest Paid PL Players And Their Salaries In Naira [Photos]


2023 LIST: Highest Paid PL Players And Their Salaries In Naira [Photos]

Amongst many other too paying professions, being a sportsman has proven to be a good source of income for many athletes. However, being a footballer has also proven to be of great reward for many footballers. And one of the highest-paying leagues in the world happened to be the premier league.

According to the latest release for 2023, the annual salary of some top premier league earners has been revealed. Well, while compiling a list of the top 10 highest earners, we’ll also be converting the salaries to Naira.

Top 10 Highest-Paid PL Players And The Naira Equivalent Of Their Salaries

10. Enzo Fernandes:

After signing for the blues for a huge fee, Fernandes is amongst the top earners in the league with an annual salary of £15,470,000. In naira, he is earning over N8.6 billion.

9. Casemiro:

Manchester United United’s defensive midfielder is also among the top earners. He earns an annual salary of £15,600,000, which is over N8.7 billion.

8. Jack Grealish:

Jack Grealish arrived at Manchester city as one of the most expensive English signings for a fee of £15,600,000. The naira equivalent of his annual salary is N8.7 billion.

7. Raheem Sterling:

Chelsea’s forward, Raheem Sterling earns £16,900,000 annually which is equivalent to N9.4 billion.

6. Raphael Varane:

Manchester United defender, Varane earns £17,680,000 annually which is equivalent to N9.9 billion.

5. Jadon Sancho:

Jadon Sancho who was signed from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester United has a mouthwatering annual salary of £18,200,000. The figure is equivalent to N10.2 billion.

4. Mohamed Salah:

Liverpool’s forward, Mohamed Salah earns £18,200,000 annually which is equivalent to N10.2 billion.

3. David De Gea:

Manchester United’s goalie, De Gea earns £19,500,000 every year and it’s equivalent to N10.9 billion.

2. Erling Haaland:

Like De Gea, Manchester city’s new forward, Erling Haaland earns £19,500,000 every year which is equivalent to N10.9 billion.

1. Kelvin De Bruyne:

Kelvin De Bruyne is the highest-paid player in the premier league, with an annual salary of £20,800,000. The naira equivalent of this figure is N11.6 billion.

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