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EPL: Why Manchester United Next 3 Games Could See Them Go On A Losing Streak

Things will become more difficult for Manchester United in the coming weeks, as they will have to deal with other competitions (UCL, FA Cup & EFL Cup) while also hoping to maintain their third-place finish in the Premier League. After defeating Leeds 2-0 last weekend, United’s next three league games will pit them against some tough league opponents that could see them go on a losing streak.

Checkout the teams Manchester United will face in their next three league fixtures;

* Manchester United VS Leicester City:

Manchester United will play Leicester in the Premier League at Old Trafford after facing Barcelona in a tough Europa League match this Thursday. The Foxes have recovered somewhat from their poor start, with three outstanding victories in their last three games. The Reds could lose crucial points in this game.

* Liverpool VS Manchester United:

Manchester United stands a good chance of losing this match because following their match against Leicester, they will play Barcelona in the UCL, Newcastle in the EFL Cup final and West Ham in the FA Cup before traveling to Anfield to play Liverpool in the Premier League. The players would have used up all of their reserves prior to this crucial game, improving Liverpool’s chances of triumphing.

* Manchester United VS Southampton

Bottom-Placed Southampton will be looking to return to winning ways and increase their chances of avoiding relegation in the final stages of the league. It’s unfortunate that Manchester United will facing such a desperate team at this time. The Red Devils could lose crucial points in this game.

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