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Florentino Perez has a special relationship with two Real Madrid players: “He considers them like his sons”

Florentino Perez has always had many favorite players at Real Madrid. This does not mean anything negative, the white president simply chose players who are more close to him in the current squad of the white team.

Florentino Perez has two close Real Madrid players who are closer than the rest. Karim Benzema and Vinicius Junior have become the “sons” of the white president, who feels that the modern strikers are closer to him than the rest of their teammates.

Not surprisingly. Although he feels warmth towards other veteran players on the team like Modric, the relationship is not the same.

Benzema and Vinicius Junior became one of Real Madrid’s most important players because of the impressive levels they performed last season, becoming the mainstays of the team that won three of the four titles they were looking forward to. Now, this case did not write continuity with the Frenchman due to his injuries, but the same thing happened with the Brazilian.

Vinicius Jr. has a special place with Florentino Perez. The president chose him thanks to reports from Johnny Calafat, who confirmed that he is a special player and that he will mark an era at Real Madrid.

Although Benzema and Vinicius Junior hold a special place for Florentino Perez, the relationship with the other players is also special. Especially two veterans who have been representing Real Madrid for a long time. Toni Kroos will be “third place” on Florentino Perez’s “favorite list”, equal to Luka Modric.

The two midfielders are nearing the end of their contract and career, but the close treatment of many years has led to the development of a friendly relationship between the players and the president of Real Madrid, who has become close to them whenever possible. Who made Real Madrid great: the footballers.

Source: Defensa Central

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