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‘He ain’t taking that call’ – Ferdinand says Ronaldo won’t forgive Neville anytime soon

Rio Ferdinand can’t see Cristiano Ronaldo forgiving Gary Neville anytime soon, after blanking the pundit live on TV over the weekend.

The Manchester United star made headlines for ignoring his former teammate before United’s Premier League win over West Ham.

Ronaldo came and greeted Saha with a hug before having a short chat


He then spoke to Redknapp and shook his hand with a smile on his face – but there was nothing for Neville

Ronaldo returned to the starting line-up and played the full 90 minutes as the Red Devils beat the Hammers 1-0 on Sunday – suggesting his beef with manager Erik ten Hag is over. But it appears he just loves the drama, as he traded one feud for another – this time with former teammate Neville just like he did to Jamie Carragher earlier in the season.

Approaching the Sky Sports punditry desk on the sidelines ahead of the game, Ronaldo made quite a scene as he greeted ex-teammate Louis Saha and even gave former Liverpool man Jamie Redknapp some love, but then walked off without even acknowledging Neville.

It was likely no coincidence. The former defender has been critical of the 37-year-old’s behaviour this season and recently claimed Man United would be better without Ronaldo and that they should ‘end their relationship’ with him.

Neville is not alone in his thinking, with plenty agreeing an exit would probably be the best outcome for club and player with the January transfer window approaching.

Ferdinand was asked about the scenes in the latest edition of Vibe with Five on YouTube, and he admitted the move from Ronaldo was ‘100 per cent premeditated’ and it’s likely Neville will be on Cristiano’s Christmas card list this year…

Neville is not in Ronaldo’s good books

Ferdinand said: “Gary Neville got blanked!

“Jamie Redknapp got a bit of love… was that to make a point?

“Nev looked nervous! I’ve seen that face before from Nev, he looked NERVOUS! He was like, ‘Oh, is he going to talk to me? Please, please say hello’ – but it didn’t happen for him.

“Ronaldo has blanked him and it’s premeditated 100 per cent.

“There are a couple of ways to look at this, when I was a player and you asked me how I would react to criticism… constructive criticism is fine.

“If someone says I’m not playing well and they should sell me, whatever, I would use that as fuel, I would hold that, and that would be some negative energy in there for me. It’s that competitive edge.

“And if I saw that reporter I would pie him, the same as what Ronaldo did there.

Ferdinand admits Ronaldo will not be forgiving Neville in a hurry

“But me being in the position I’m in now, I expect players to accept that, it’s part of it, it’s why we’re here, we’re here to critique your performance, it’s our job [as a pundit].

“Critiquing your performance alone, I think that should be fine. So it’s really difficult, this, because that’s all Gary Neville has done.

“Cristiano respects Gary as a player, he respected him when he was one of the senior players at the club, 100 per cent, but he just wouldn’t take kindly to someone talking badly about him.

“It’s like my relationship with Jesse Lingard and Paul Pogba has been strained at times, because I haven’t always agreed with some of the things they’ve done, and I’ve questioned their performances, and those guys know me, I’ve known them since they were kids and I haven’t got a bad feeling towards these guys, but if I’ve got to say it, they might be disgruntled, but in the long run they will know that I’m not trying to hurt them.

“That’s what’s happened between me and Jesse, we’ve spoken about it, conversation is had and we move on, it’s all good. But, knowing him as I do, I don’t think Cristiano is taking Gary’s call anytime soon. No player is happy when a pundit is criticising them.”


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