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The Premier League Clubs That Got The Most Difficult Group Stage Draw

Reactions are still trailing the UEFA Champions League group stage draw that was held today in Turkey.

Some highlights of the draw include Robert Lewandowski returning to play Barcelona, Erling Haaland also returning to play Borussia Dortmund, and Angel Di Maria returning to play PSG.

However, this article will focus on the four Premier League teams and their group stage draws We shall be evaluating their opponents to determine the EPL club with the most difficult group.


Liverpool have two heavyweights in their group namely Ajax and Napoli as Rangers can be termed weeping boys on paper.


Antonio Conte side will battle tricky opponents in Frankfurt, Sporting and Marseille.


Chelsea have easy opponents. The only club who will give them a run for their money is AC Milan


Manchester City have two traditional UCL teams in their group namely Sevilla and Dortmund

Ranking the Premier League clubs in terms of easy opponents will be Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and then Tottenham.

Spurs have unpredictable opponents, so it is safe to say they got the most difficult group stage draw.

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