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The Top 10 Liverpool Best Players Of All Time

The Top 10 Liverpool best players of all time

Liverpool was founded in 1892 and has won nineteen League titles, seven FA Cups, a record nine League Cups, and fifteen FA Community Shields, six European Cups (a record for an English team), three UEFA Cups, four UEFA Super Cups, and one FIFA Club World Cup.

Only Manchester United have had comparable success to the Reds in English football.

All of the success has been made possible by some outstanding players who have played for the club. Many came through the academy system, and several were signed by international and domestic clubs.

Liverpool FC has become one of the most successful clubs in the world as a result of the amazing players who have played for them. Let’s take a look at the top ten best Liverpool players of all time.

10. JAMIE CARRAGHER (1988–1996)

The Top 10 Liverpool best players of all time

Jamie Carragher’s career spans so many positions that he has played them all.

He began his career as a striker, but by the middle of his career, he had evolved into a midfielder, and in later years, he had played in all defensive positions.

Because of his lack of abilities and pace when playing as a full-back, he was dubbed a “limited defender.”

But it was as a center-back that he rose to prominence.

Carragher is Liverpool’s longest-serving player, having made 737 appearances.

He has won one Champions League, two English FA Cups, three English League Cups, one Uefa Cup, two Uefa Super Cups, and two English Super Cups.

9. PHIL NEAL (1974–1985)

Phil Neal won everything with Liverpool during his stellar 11-year career.

Neil was noted for his goal-scoring abilities in big games, in addition to sprinting down the wing with aggression and venom.

During his time at Liverpool, he was known as ‘Zico,’ after the renowned Brazilian midfielder.

He helped his team win 8 English Champions, 4 European Cups, 4 English League Cups, 5 English Super Cups, 1 Uefa Cup, and 1 Uefa Supercup by scoring 41 goals in 445 appearances.

8. KEVIN KEEGAN (1971–1977)

The Top 10 Liverpool best players of all time

Kevin Keegan, a two-time Ballon d’Or winner, spent six years with Liverpool and made an important contribution to the club’s history.

Before to Liverpool, Keegan was a midfielder for Scunthorpe United. However, as the athlete realized his actual talent, he transitioned into a striker.

The Englishman’s exceptional speed and intellect allowed him to exploit narrow openings in the defense line.

Keegan’s 95 goals and 59 assists in 303 games helped the Reds win three English Champions, one English FA Cup, two Uefa Cups, and four English Super Cups.

7. GRAEME SOUNESS (1978–1984)

The Top 10 Liverpool best players of all time

Graeme Souness, a Sky Sports analyst, was a fantastic midfielder before becoming a media figure.

His extraordinary inventiveness, intelligence, and passing ability elevated him to the position of midfield maestro.

He used to dictate the game’s tempo by playing from the most important area on the field.

He captained the successful Liverpool squad of the early 1980s, which won three European Cups, five English Championships, and three English Super Cups.

Graeme Souness is ranked seventh among the top ten greatest Liverpool players of all time.

6. BILLY LIDDELL (1938–1961)

The Top 10 Liverpool best players of all time

Billy Liddell was a one-club man throughout his senior career, and he was recognized for his extreme physicality, pace, and shooting strength.

Even though he mainly played on the wing, he could also play other offensive positions, making him a versatile asset.

The Scottish winger scored 215 goals in 492 games for Liverpool, making him one of the club’s top ten scorers.

Liddell’s trophy cabinet was unlucky, as he only won the 1946–47 English First Division championship as a Reds player. Billy Liddell is ranked sixth among the top ten greatest Liverpool players of all time.

5. ALAN HANSEN (1977–1991)

Alan Hansen was the Liverpool center-back who ruled world football before Virgil van Dijk.

Aside from his tremendous athletic ability, he possessed outstanding game reading skills, which enabled him to be in the right place at the right time.

He won everything during his illustrious career as a Reds player, which included 597 matches.

His achievements include eight English titles, three European Champion Clubs, two English FA Cups, four English League Cups, and five English Super Cups.

4. JOHN BARNES (1987–1997)   

John Barnes, who joined Watford in 1987, was a key figure in Liverpool’s assaults down the left wing.

He possessed an outstanding combination of power, pace, ball control, and dribbling abilities that made him a threat to any defense.

Despite the fact that racial discrimination against him became a pivotal time in English football history, he will be recognized as one of the best to ever wear the Red jersey.

With 107 goals and 93 assists, he helped the squad win two English titles, two English FA Cups, one English League Cup, and four English Super Cups.

3. IAN RUSH (1980–1986 & 1988–1996)

Throughout his career, Ian Rush played for a number of different clubs, but his stint at Liverpool was the pinnacle of his career.

The Welshman, known as a physically and technically strong striker, scored 336 goals and assisted 74 more in 648 appearances, making him one of the most productive players in the club’s history.

He assisted the squad in winning two European Cups, five English Champions, five English League Cups, three English FA Cups, and four English Super Cups.

Ian Rush is ranked third among the top ten greatest Liverpool players of all time.

2. STEVEN GERRARD (1998–2015)

Steven Gerrard, a native who came up through the academy system, was born to play for Liverpool.

Gerrard, regarded as one of the greatest midfielders of his time, did everything in his ability to bring Liverpool and its fans enormous delight.

Even though Gerrard was a box-to-box midfielder, he played a variety of roles throughout his career to meet the needs of the squad.

Gerard was a leader in addition to his intelligence and work ethic. Only his presence on the field was used to raise his teammates’ morale.

In the 2005 UEFA Champions League, Gerrard was the driving force behind Liverpool’s remarkable comeback against one of the best AC Milan squads.

Gerrard scored 186 goals and provided 150 assists in 710 appearances with Liverpool, helping the side win the Champions League, two English FA Cups, three English League Cups, one Uefa Cup, two Uefa Super Cups, and two English Super Cups.

1. KENNY DALGLISH (1977–1990)

Kenny Dalglish, one of Liverpool’s most prominent figures, joined the club in 1977 and lasted until the end of his professional career in 1990.

He learned the method of breaking defense thanks to his remarkable skills, agility, and speed.

He forged a deadly alliance with Ian Rush, which grew into a dangerous force.

‘King Kenny’ scored 161 goals and had 74 assists in 497 games for the Reds.

As a Reds player, he won eight English titles, three European Cups, two English FA Cups, four English League Cups, seven English Super Cups, and one Uefa Supercup.

Dalglish’s winning goal in the 1978 European Cup final cemented his legacy. He returned to Liverpool as a manager after his retirement.

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