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This name if they go to Real Madrid will make them win the Champions League. A ‘shocking’ deal

Real Madrid have built up a reputation for signing the best young talents in world football and developing them into superstars at Santiago Bernabeu. Yes, they have signed experienced players like David Alaba and Antonio Rudiger in recent years, but both have arrived on free transfers. Thus, it was confusing when the club were linked with a move for Son Heung-min of Tottenham Hotspur.

Son has been an absolute superstar for Tottenham Hotspur for years now, and one the most underrated players on the planet. A big reason for that is because he has no trophies to show for his brilliance.

As a result, rumours broke out that Son was preparing to take the next step in his career and leave Tottenham Hotspur, with Real Madrid believed to be one of the clubs keeping a close eye on the situation.

There is now a major update on the situation though and it looks like a move to Santiago Bernabeu might not be on the cards. As reported by 90min, Tottenham Hotspur are not worried about the prospect of Son leaving and even if he were to want out, the Premier League club would not consider his exit for another couple of years at least.


It does not look like Son to Real Madrid will be happening

Thus, it appears that the doors to Son leaving Tottenham Hotspur in the near future are pretty much closed.

Also, one has to point out the fact that he is 30 years of age now. And with years left on his current deal, Real Madrid would have to splash out a large transfer fee to sign him.

That seems unlikely. Yes, there is no doubt that he is a fabulous player but at this point of time, this does not feel like a move that Real Madrid would be interested in making, under these circumstances.

Toni Kroos admits he is a big fan of Real Madrid teammate


It is safe to say that Toni Kroos has been one of the best midfielders in the world during his entire run at Real Madrid, which has been legendary in every sense of the word. Unfortunately though, that run might be coming to an end soon with rumours doing the rounds that he is considering retirement at the end of this season.

Even if Kroos decides to carry on beyond this season, it is hard to see him hanging on for too long. He has already retired from the German national team and it is expected that he will hang up his boots for good soon.

Real Madrid’s midfield could be in good hands, or feet, even if he ends up retiring though, as Federico Valverde has shown that he has world-class potential.

Kroos has even admitted that he is a big fan of Valverde. As reported by Marca, he said while speaking on the Einfach mal Luppen podcast:


Kroos admits that he is a big fan of Real Madrid teammate

The Uruguayan midfielder has been outside of this world this season. He has been very highly rated for his game for a long time, but now he has added goals to it as well.

It is hard to believe that he scored just one goal last season because right now, every time he shoots, the ball finds its way into the back of the net. Valverde appears to be scoring one stunner after another at the moment.

What is even more impressive is the fact that Valverde has been played out of position a lot of the time, on the wing, and not only has he adjusted to that change, but he seems to be thriving in the role.

Carlo Ancelotti had joked that he would retire if Valverde did not score 10 goals but it looks like the Uruguayan could double that figure.

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